A Technology disrupter, DataSpartan provides Bespoke Consultancy, Research and Development on Quantitative Big Data Technologies

Innovate New Technologies

We research and develop tools that allow its users to be efficient at their work. Our goal is to allow people to do what they do best


Rapid Deployment

No dragging of feet, purely developed and deployed according to your schedule with noticeable performance improvements within weeks.


Proven Technology using the cutting edge developments in Machine Learning, Algorithm Design and Data Analytics.


Custom UI, with cutting edge analytics layers built to sit ontop either HadoopTM or SparkTM. Allowing users to make better queries and rapid decisions.


Back-end development for existing, new, legacy systems. Large scale integration and managing of resources


Since 2012, Dataspartan has developed some of the best analytics systems in the financial services industry. Our approach is a conventional one tailored around the client’s specific needs taking care not to overburden the client with redundant systems. This approach makes the software we produce streamlined and lightweight yet functional. We use our domain expertise and experience to help scope out and deliver the project.

We showcase some of our keystone projects here:


Do you partner with any institutions?

Yes our research team is based at University College London.

Are you based solely in the UK?

No we have affiliates who work from Singapore, to North America and most of Europe.

How did you come to be?

We are researchers, professors and professionals who work in the same space. Often in academia discoveries are made, but with no practical application. Likewise in industry there are projects that could improve profitability, but require the discoveries made in Academia. A combination of both, helps realise that goal.

What do you offer differently to your competitors?

Your competitors will have large sales teams and as such it is their job to try to find future work. So when you have a particular proof of concept project, your competitors will try to expand the project as much as possible, create more mini projects from this, delay delivery of the final product and all in the hopes that they can further profit from you. If your budget is £££k you quickly find yourself spending much more than you budgeted. With DATASPARTAN, we deliver what you want and when you want it.